A lot of us, I can imagine, are pigeon-holed into a career area of defaulted expertise. I have found a significant increase in my professional productivity, inspiration, insight, and satisfaction when I am able to reach into an area I know little about. It is normally difficult at first, but when I come back I have a new perspective into the daily development routine. The benefits of this concept must be explored and exploited, and in this way I submit myself to Hello Program.

Here I will record the blood, sweat, and tears of projects that are developed and delivered in less than 24 hours of non-contiguous effort.

Guiding Principles

  1. The project must be at least deliverable and preferably released to a platform.
  2. There are no restrictions on toolsets or platforms.

  3. A project may extend a previous program, but must still be deliverable.

  4. A maximum 24 hour development cycle, generally defined as 4-6 hours to research and write a proposal, 12-18 hours development, and 2 hours to deliver.
  5. Project code and assets should be made available under some usage license.

This is a challenge.

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